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Cytonus Therapeutics has developed a cell-based platform technology focused on immune-oncology and gene therapies for devastative and rare diseases. This is achievable through our proprietary technology of a unique cell-line, termed the CargocyteTM. CargocytesTM are engineered enucleated cells that can carry multiple therapeutic payloads (i.e., chemokines, cytokines, oncolytic viruses, gene-editing technologies, nanoparticles and small molecules) in a precise, safe, and predictable manner to specifically targeted cancer cells. They are designed to locate and activate the host’s immune system to attack those cells. Cytonus plans to bring to the market CA-IL-12, a CargocyteTM-associated Interleukin 12 therapeutic, as an adoptive cellular therapy to treat Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC).

Dynamic Light’s imaging technology provides surgeons with continuous, real-time blood flow visualization without dyes or procedural interruptions. Our technology supports better decision making which improves patient care and reduces health care costs.

KinAptic wearable solutions deliver clinical quality diagnostic and treatment solutions to everyday garments.

KinAptic technology is used for a variety of medical / rehabilitation and Fitness / Health applications including: Stroke Rehabilitation; Pain Mitigation; Muscle Re-Education; Fitness tracking; Strength Training; Tremor Mitigation


FlyGlobos will create an air transit system adequately utilizing technology and human resources and we will provide and support cheaper access to air transit services fostering job creation and overall increase in quality of life. We need to be smarter!